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Top 10!!!! x-posted

Top ten signs you have been living in the G-boro too long (or your whole life!)

10. You remember a time when the Study Hall Pub was open and actually used to hang out there
9. You know someone who went to Glassboro State College but in the end graduated from Rowan Univeristy
8. You remember the big controversy when the name changed, including when KYW-3 came to cover the story of the students ripping up the flowers planted to spell Rowan College
7. You know that the now abandoned Boston Market was a Roy Rogers for YEARS!!!
6. You know that there used to be a movie theater where there is now a dollar store and Radio Shack in the K-mart shopping plaza, also known as Collegetown
5. You remember when the Shop-rite was just a vacant lot
4. Ditto for the BlockBuster
3. You know that the Wendy's used to be where that Mandarin chinese place is
2. You know that the accupunture place next to taco bell is far from being that (wink wink)
And the number one sign you have been living in Glassboro too long...
1. You never once questioned what that smell was!

Ha! Hope you all enjoyed that :)
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